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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, and up-to-the-second world, we go beyond to push the kind of social awareness that creates momentum, sparks engagement, and drives massive sales. To do this, we:

✓ Study and analyze your current brand positioning, your audience, product pages and website, your marketing funnel, your ads, and your strategy.

✓Strategize to build the new paid ads approach

✓Develop, based on previous analysis, the main audiences that will be part of our initial testing protocol

✓Create different ad copies for each part of the funnel

✓Help you develop the content that best matches our strategy

✓Execute and optimize the proposed media buying strategy

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

TikTok Ads

AR and 3D

The new iteration of the internet is growing faster than ever and we want to make sure our clients are reaping the benefits of it from the early stages. We believe those who become early adopters hold the power to being industry leaders, which is why we’ve quickly started to work with the best tools and talent to allow us to enter the dynamic world of Web 3.0 with 3D and AR for eCommerce.

✓ Studies by Houzz showed consumers were 11x more likely to make a purchase with AR.

✓ Vntana studies reported a 83.1% conversion rate lift, 40% average reduction in returns, and 61% average increase in order value with the use of 3D and AR.

3D and Augmented Reality e-commerce shop

Augmented Reality Facebook Ads

3D Google Ads

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GM Ignited has been recognized as one of Top Miami PPC Advertising Agencies by DesignRush.


We are industry specialists passionate about helping purposeful brands ignite.

Augusto Leroux

Senior Media Buyer

With over 6 years of experience and over $1M invested in paid ads, Augusto has a stellar reputation for building result-driven strategies that consistently deliver revenue growth. He has worked with various industries before determining his biggest strength and choosing to focus on scaling eCommerce brands. Through his deep understanding of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and now TikTok Ads, Augusto is highly skilled at interpreting the data, pivoting accordingly, and maximizing return on investment as a consequence.

Before joining GM Ignited in 2021, Augusto was freelancing for major brands around the world by assisting in-house marketing departments or leading their entire paid ads efforts across multiple platforms. Now, he’s a crucial part of the GM Ignited team and a strong contributor to our client’s growth and success.

Gabriela Marcano

Founder & CEO

Gabriela Marcano is the founder and CEO of GM Ignited. Her restlessness, creativity, strategic mindset, and extensive knowledge of the industry, has allowed her to grow GM Ignited into a 6-figure eCommerce agency with an average client retention rate of 1.5 years due to her and the team’s capacity to consistently grow brands. Gabriela is now one of the first 500 people to receive a formal education on Web 3.0 through the Realm Academy. As a result, she’s helping eCommerce brands reap the vast benefits of AR, 3D commerce and paid ads.

Before starting GM Ignited, Gabriela worked at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Reebok, and Republica Havas. She has over six years of combined experience in integrated marketing, public relations, advertising, and social media.

Gabriela earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology and Business from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Franco F. Barra

Senior Media Buyer

Franco has been working in digital marketing since 2012 specializing in Facebook Ads and Google Ads. He’s had vast experience working with small businesses and budgets as well as large companies with more than generous ad spending dollars. Among his greatest achievements was lowering one of his client’s average conversion rate costs to $0.9, acquiring a 12x ROAS, and causing the client to sell out. Since then, Franco has been focusing on high-performance and results-driven campaigns in the eCommerce industry.

Since starting with GM Ignited in 2021, Franco has been able to showcase his ability to rapidly grow brands using his skillful media buying abilities with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads! His deep knowledge, amazing capability to break down and simplify the data, and his consistency in communicating results, has successfully managed to build a prosperous and transparent relationship between the agency and clients.


GM Ignited believes in a holistic approach to be able to completely transform online businesses with digital advertising. We work hand-in-hand with our clients embracing their goals as our own to embark in the hardworking and strategical pursuit of success.


In this fast-paced and ever-changing environment we not only take pride in being early adopters, but we also master the complexity of the online sphere. We’re laser-focused on the paid ads service for eCommerce brands, making us shark among a sea full of fish. 


We believe that time is money, especially in the online advertising world. For that reason, we stand out from most agencies that take an absurd amount of time to onboard you. Our 90-min flash track onboarding process will have you up and running as fast as possible without any additional or hidden fees!


At GM Ignited we consider ourselves part of our clients’ teams and their biggest asset. We strive to embrace their dreams as our own and so we make sure they are kept in the loop every step of the journey to 7 and 8-figures.

We assign a media buyer specialist that is available for you daily, we engage in weekly reporting, and we jump on a monthly call alongside our CEO to go through the performance report and next month’s strategy.


The ROI of your ad spend is our most important KPI. As a results-driven eCommerce agency, we are consistently studying the data to make the most assertive decisions for higher returns. A main part of our process is to test, analyze the data, and then optimize the best performing ads to maximize profits. All this while strengthening customer loyalty and driving the most qualified leads to your online store.


We are well familiar with how most agencies work. They’ll charge a fixed monthly fee without giving any rationale about where that figure came from. At GM Ignited, we believe in a win-win method. We look at each client and work off of value, setting our price according to the ROI we will realistically bring you.


What They’re Saying

I can’t express enough how great it has been to work with GM Ignited. Once they understood our vision they worked very hard to get our brand and our name out there, delivering immediate results beyond my expectations. It felt incredible to know I could fully delegate PR to the GM team without the need to follow-up, as they were completely on top of it.

Cindy HassanFounder of Mode Revolution

I absolutely love working with GM Ignited. They have provided us with many innovative ideas to expand our PR platform and gain the brand exposure that we have been looking for. GM Ignited is dedicated to our brand and continues to create extremely valuable work for us. Their commitment and hard work gave us results right away. We feel so lucky to have found a team that understood our goals from the beginning and worked hard to bring our visions to life.

María Teresa TupiniCo-Founder & Designer of Del Este

We loved working with GM Ignited. They are super professional and well connected. They helped us publish with Forbes, La vanguardia and other well known magazines which helped us gain visibility and best of all customers. We would definitely recommend them to help out spreading the word about your business or brand.

Athina GarciaCo-Founder of No Name Just People

Gabriela is an expert when it comes to copywriting, ad creatives and everything related to customer analysis and organic brand building. We work together almost daily and the energy, the great creative and analytical skills she brings to the table are priceless. Plus it is amazing to celebrate small and big wins together as we continue to grow.

Victoria ZakharovaproBloom

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