How to Master AR Ads And Skyrocket Your Agency Without Becoming an AR Designer

June 6, 3:00pm EST
June 7, 12:00pm EST
June 11, 6:15pm EST

Did you know that 70% of companies are either working on or planning to work on AR projects throughout 2023? Augmented Reality Ads is the best way to gain competitive advantage and sign more clients, while confidently guaranteeing better results.

Whether you’re completely new to the world of paid ad agencies or you’re a seasoned pro, this masterclass is for you.

This isn’t an hour you’ll never get back. It’s a 60-minute immersion in Augmented Reality Ads that will save you countless hours on avoidable mistakes and not to mention resources.

Get ready to take notes. Class starts soon! 

In this exclusive live training, you’ll learn:


The 5 Steps to Become an Expert in the AR Field

Three Things Most People Get Wrong about Augmented Reality (and what to do instead)

My Signature 6-Step Process to Help You Offer AR Ads and Get Even Greater Results for Clients

There’s never been a better time to learn about Augmented Reality Ads. During this masterclass, I’ll teach you how to offer this as your new service to stay ahead of the competition, sign more clients, and get even better results for your clients.

Who’s leading this class?

Hi, I’m Gabriela Marcano, and I’m the founder of GM Ignited and the creator of the very first course on Augmented Reality Ads on Meta. It’s been over a year that I’ve been learning the ins and outs of Augmented Reality, and I’ve invested over $12,000 to build case studies that proved the impact of AR ads as well as to get some hands on experience.

As a result, I’ve been invited to speak on podcasts, I’ve been able to sign bigger clients with much more ease, and get even greater results which improved client satisfaction.

Today I can confidently tell you, my masterclass: How to Master AR Ads And Skyrocket Your Agency is as essential as ever. Not only will it help you get started with offering Augmented Reality Ads, but you’ll be able to do it without being techie, becoming an AR Designer, or an advanced media buyer.

You’ll finally be able to start offering Augmented Reality Ads to your clients. No more waiting. No more wondering. Just a clear, step-by-step process you can start following right away.

With my teachings, you’ll be able to have a clear understanding of Augmented Reality, the process to get started with offering AR ads, and how to get clients interested in it.

Inside this masterclass, I’m going to teach you how to experience wild success with AR, so you can see those kids of results.

Are you ready to see what my free masterclass, How to Master AR Ads And Skyrocket Your Agency Without Becoming an AR Designer can do for you — and learn how to get started today?